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Welcome to our Piccadilly Convention Hall

Introducing our new PICCADILLY CONVENTION HALL. The finest venue for high profile meetings, wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, product launches, seminars, exhibitions and exclusive private gatherings. For wedding ceremonies, we provides various wedding necessities such as wedding make up, wedding decorations, catering, music entertainment, wedding cake, wedding car, invitation, souvenirs, etc. We also provide some other packages as described further here.

Expertise in Exclusive Arcade & Convention Hall

We will assist in all your event preparation and provide the best facilities for the services that will be manifested by our trusted vendors. Our partner vendors are well-known in their field of expertise.

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Due to technological developments and vast opportunities and the current trend in pushing boundaries, doing business today is more challenging than ever before as compared with a decade ago. Now, aside from the conventional way of working inside a brick and stone office, it is now possible, even almost become a norm, to work in a virtual office. As long as you have a phone and a secure Internet connection, you can conduct your business and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams wherever you are and whenever you want to. Recognizing this trend for greater freedom and ease, along with the still-persistent need for a professional office setting with the most modern facilities, real estate developers have come to develop shared and serviced offices—office spaces that can be used for flexible time periods by different groups of people. In addition, communication packages are also developed, giving clients serviced phone numbers for business use. This trend improves the traditional office spaces in forming today’s definition of an “office.””
In mentioning a private gathering, we envision a space with relaxing ambience and most importantly, a casual and entertaining atmosphere. Our insight is to help you to throw an event that focus on being social, conducive for networking and having fun. We will cater your get-together over the course of your event. At your private gathering event, no one is going to line up at a buffet to fill up a plate, find a seat and sit down to eat a quiet meal. Instead, we hope your guests will be moving about our rooms, mingling in and out of conversations, eating off of our servers’ trays during the entirety of the event while talking, playing and enjoying the entertainment. We want to facilitate the gathering that will help your company attain even greater success.
Ever find yourself stuck in a birthday party rut? You know, you keep using the same birthday decorations over and over because they’re quick and easy and who has time to throw a funky party anyway?! So say ‘good-bye’ to the typical and ordinary party and say ‘hello’ to a new and well planned party with Piccadilly! Whether you’re throwing it for your 13-year-old daughter or your spouse, you will be able to realize your fabulous ideas with us! Come to us in Piccadilly Kemang and let us help you to create a memorable party!!
A seminar should be organized in a way that encourages all employees to feel that they are an essential element within the company. Most companies enjoy success thanks largely to the efforts of the employees. Consequently, harvesting a good team spirit, and encouraging the involvement of all employees are key elements to achieving a successful event. We at Piccadilly Convention Hall are committed to helping you find and rent the perfect room for your convention.
Renting a boat is a unique way to explore some of the most magical corners of the earth. Discover untouched coastlines and hidden coves of Indonesia aboard the luxurious yacht. With professionals who will ensure your utmost safety and satisfaction on board of our yacht. Whether a novice or master of the sea, your level of experience will be catered to; as our yachts are offered with professional staffs to take care of navigation, maneuvers and safety on board.


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